Hi! How are your days going? It's been raining here non-stop lately and my loved ones are constantly talking about my coming birthday. Enough to get me excited about it already! HAHAA

So awhile back I shopped from dresslily.com and if you guys remember I already featured a high-waist shorts from dresslily here ensembling it with American Swan Tshirt and a beige bag.

The quality is really good and since it's a high waist short, it can be easily ensembled with crop tops and even Tshirts for a more trendy look.
Another thing I really like about dresslily clothing is that their sizing is on point! Because more often than not, it's quite difficult to find clothing that is of perfect sizing as described specially for high waist shorts or jeans. If you have a significantly smaller waist you must understand the struggle.

I also got some products from their jewelry section.
Have you ever shopped from dresslily?
Don't you just love it when someone appreciates you and actually makes an effort to show it? Not in a super dramatic way- though there's no harm in that (hehee) , but even the sweet nothings that are obviously a lot coming from someone you also love and can appreciate their efforts nonetheless.

I love giving gifts and I love receiving them and I don't even know which one of those I love more.
And honestly, I don't think people should associate gifting with something monatery down the line, because- the few flowers you bring to someone can make them feel very loved and appreciated and that's all. The person won't even care if you bought them, exported them, grew them in a garden or got them from your neighbourhood.
A gift is a token of love. But with our busy schedule it's getting more and more difficult to even remember the dates let alone run down the store and get something thoughtful for our loved ones.
It's a struggle, really. Few weeks back, I shopped from igp.com which stands for Indian Gift Portal and I was amazed at their wide range of collection. 
Not only do they have flowers, cakes, chocolate baskets- they also offer home decor, fashion and electronic items. The biggest difference of igp.com and other eshopping sites is that they are specialized for gifting purposes. So the person you are sending the gift to will definitely feel pampered. Their navigation bar is also very easy where you can sort gifts by relations such as Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Sister, Brother etc. and also sort gifts based on occasion such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc.
So here is the clutch I gifted mom using this site.

I liked the packaging of the product. The quality of the bag is good and doesn't look like the replicas in the market. Good detailing on the product. They also have same day delivery!
Right now they are offering special discounts for Father's Day celebration, check them out at igp.com
Hi guys! This 14th I was invited to an art exhibition in Kolkata, Fankaari Fossils. This was my outfit for the night.

We had a great time and the people were really nice. Will show you guys the pictures from the exhibition soon. Also Ramadan has begun (yay).
Stay tuned.

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