JIGOKU SHOUJO translates to Hell Girl
Is someone fucking with your life?People you cannot forgive, cannot live with, want them to disappear? Well, hell girl offers you vengeance. She appears through whatever way of easy communication is available at the time, letters and then with the 21st century comes the easy accessed internet and finally a mobile supported website.
At 12MN, you go to her website "hotline to hell" and with all the desire of vengeance type the name of the person you hate. If your hatred is strong, Ai Emna a.k.a the hell girl herself will appear in front of you. But fear not, she's a cute girl in school uniform and red eyes.^^;
 She gives you a straw doll with a red string, then she gives you a choice. Do you want to send the person to hell? Yes? Then untie the red string and the person will immediately be taken to hell. But nothing really comes with a price afterall.So, after you die, you'll be taken to hell as well. Going through the same torment for eternity. "But thats only after you die though" she keeps repeating the rules on every episode.
She'll then give you a glimpse of hell and lets you decide if the disappearance of the person you hate is important enough by paying a price of staying at hell for eternity.
"Your spirit shall wander forever in pain and suffering, never having known paradise." 
-Ai Enma

This anime is not exactly a "refreshment". If you're a busy tired human being watching anime after dealing with everyday shit then this might make it worse. I dont know for sure cuz i watched it during holiday season ^^;

But it has its strong points as well!
Good quality! so you'll like to watch!good music! good voice acting! I personally like the style

Also, this deals with the social awfulness whose existence people (like me) like to avoid but its not always that easy, is it?
Tbh, whatever plot this anime focuses on every episode is very realistic, those moments when you realize world is full of bullies and survival of the fittest. Its very true. The kind of bullies that happens all the time around us.I think the entire concept of the anime and every little thing it focuses on is pretty good. There is always a time when grudge rules over our heart and all we wish is to seek revenge on a someone.
 But that revenge affects us back more than we can imagine, thats true. 

But will you let the bitches win over and over? People frustrated with their life screwing yours! Where does it say they can?!
But getting revenge must not be the priority. Priority should always and always be yourself! Would you spend an eternity in hell to let the bitches burn from that instant? Remember, they're going to hell anyway.
But people can be too cruel so judging a situation and choosing that "correct" might get really difficult.

So is the hell girl who takes souls away to hell everyday for years all evil herself?

''When one person is cursed, two graves are dug''    

Want to take a glimpse of hell? hotline to hell