Hi guys~ New Year is almost here! How have you all been?
Today I have a very serious argument for everyone lost in their fantasies or just pretending to be knee-deep into an alternate reality. It won't make you happy for long.
Yup. I said it.
The reality might not be that awesome to some of you, I mean who wants to go to school everyday, then tuitions and not to forget cram school to be able to ace the entrance exams and all that, getting tired as fuck and not being able to sleep which is a quite an awful feeling in itself and waking up again after a few hours to go to school again!
That awkward moment when tomorrow is already here and you've been wanting to go to sleep since yesterday!
It's a problem. A big problem!
And to the non-nerds who actually wish to have a life outside of books, its even more difficult. Making time for friends, because it's not human to cut off all friends who are not from your class!
And then the date culture that is completely making a mess of our already messed up life with no time!
We're teenagers yet it's so fucked up to not have any time like ever.
And then there is peer pressure and hate- literally hate all over the place! People and their sick judgemental eyes and you can't ignore it much, they are everywhere!
To add to all these realities, our hobbies aren't helping much.
I love anime and will always love them. But as you grow up, your perception towards some of the things you watched earlier, changes!
Sometimes, quite drastically.
And the infamous questions remain: 

How real is Kazehaya?

Well, if you are in high school like me, this is probably going to be a disappointing thing to hear but, yeah, the closest you can get to finding someone like that is in early years of middle school.

When will you learn to play the keyboard like Nodame?

NEVER. Now throw that keyboard out of the window.

When will the world come to an end?
At least not before your finals.

But honestly, these shitty thoughts apart, I am glad how my life is turning out to be and everything seems to be falling in place or out of place to fall back in place.
I love it.
Happy New Year.

“When everyone gets lonely they go flying to your side
but who is there to hold you when you’re feeling down?”

Even though it’s right in front of you, there’s something you can’t have. No matter how much you reach out your hand, there’s something that you can never touch. Even though you can’t obtain it, is there a light at the end of the path if you continue to search?
The day will surely come when everything changes and turns into memories. But I will reminisce about it again and again. You were there, everyone was there, searching for only one thing. Under that blue sky. And with the scent of the wind permeating.

The way every charcter conveys feelings on this anime; not just romance and happiness, also the dreams, fears, desires,reality, sounds of loneliness and silently screaming!

My love for this series cannot be expressed in words.

Honey And Clover

by on December 10, 2010
“When everyone gets lonely they go flying to your side but who is there to hold you when you’re feeling down?” “ Eve...