July Baby! Why is July so awesome! I love everything about July ♥ Its full of hope and happiness yet reality-faced at the same time! 
And its epic how every year on 19th July it's sure to rain in Kolkata! This used to get me so disappointed when I came up with the perfect plan to celebrate my birthday with my special ones but hey, its fucking raining all the time!
Yeah..awful right! But when the same thing happens every year you learn to live around it and it's only normal to let the rain declare like "Yeah Shabana it's your birthday. Happy Birthday Princess. This rain is just for you" -_- How adorable mother nature.

Things change way too quickly dont they. But I love change, the good and the positive change!
"It’s not just about living forever, Jackie. The trick is living with yourself forever." -Jack Sparrow's Daddy (lol)
I died. It was so awesome I died. My sis made it! The base was choco-crunch layered with butterscotch and ice cream and the toppings-you can see! Thank you for making me such an awesome cake and making my birthday so special♥ Love you forever
 But now party's over and I'm back in front of my study desk. To be honest it's been a week already anyway still...
Spot the fat-ass chemistry book I'm supposed to learn by heart and head.
And lately I'm in love with Lily Allen and her songs.
Have a great day people. Love you all x