Hello beautiful people! I am super excited to announce that my blog's first giveaway is here!
So cool right!

I never ever won online giveaway HAHAA Just to try my sweet luck that's been dead for years now.
(Seriously what is wrong with you luck. You used to be REALLY LUCKy)

So back to the giveaway~
$150 gift cards in total which will be given in $30 to 5 winners. More winners = more chance to win, right!
You can choose anything from their Classic Series

Firmoo is one of the largest optical store online and they have various shape, colour and material to choose from. 
They have this "try it on" feature and obviously I have been playing with it.XD

I finally started a Facebook page which I was quite reluctant to open honestly TT Anyone willing to moderate prettyplease?
And that..ehem.."Do you love the owner" one, not ATALL needy okay. Hehe
Also I didnt include any of the annoying "Share on your facebook" "Tweet everyday" kinda stuff.

I hope you participate~^.^

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway Hope you guys have fun~