I often wish my phone had superpowers, something as simple as the ability to tase the people that I don't like when they touch my phone.
But if I could choose superpowers for my phone, something no other phones can do hence making my phone not only powerful but special..they would be...

  • Mind Reading Superpower : Yes I just took the "Hey what's on your mind" to another level where my phone has the ability to read minds of other people. Good-luck with deceiving me now.
  • Teleportation Superpower: I think its one of the most essential superpower. Because "flying" is not really a superpower. I doubt if any superhero character would like to be the flying bat anymore. Especially with all the pollution out there and transport is the biggest hassle in city life. Oh the traffic! But not to worry anymore, because my phone can teleport me wherever I want by selecting location using GPS.
  • Predict future : Not the death predictor because that is another Final Destination movie. No, my phone has the superpower of predicting relative future of myself and other people- just to be safe. For example it can tell me beforehand if my potential "bff" or lover or business partner is going to back-stab me in near future.
  • Ninja Powers : The ultimate superpower of my phone where nobody messes with me or a generic ninja kicks some moral into them. I'll call it "Quick Karma" or "Not-Glad-Now-Are-You" or something along the line.
So thanks to the superpower of my phone, justice will be served and nobody can "get away with it".

Recently Asus launched their Zenfone series, trending as #IncredibleZen. Its beautiful design caught my attention and after looking at their specifications I quite curious as the next question on my mind was "How much does it cost?" So a quick visit to their website and I was shocked!

Comparing the Zenfone and other phones on the price range that are available in the market I think it is definitely value for money!
Not only does Zenfone look absolutely stunning but are also available in vibrant colours other than the boring black and white such as turquoise, yellow and red. Its PixelMaster main camera is also raved about but the feature I find most cool is it can make gifs and upload them directly to twitter!

Honestly, I'm impressed and if my Zenfone comes with superpowers...I'll never tell.

Find out more on the official website http://www.asus.com/campaign/zenfone/IN/