Hello amazing people
Today I have some great news to share with you all.
Last Friday I got invited to NYFW and I was beyond thrilled.
It was like getting the Hogwarts acceptance letter but only this, is for fashion.
So..as expected, first I made sure it's not in fact a prank(lol) and then I got to the stage of overcoming 
hurdles and sadly enough I am still pretty much stuck there. 
Special thanks to Government office and its sucky way of doing things.
Anyway, I've been elated and I've been sad.
But ultimately, I am really thankful to everyone who made this dream come true.
Hello beautiful people 
Today I will review Circle lens from Klenspop which is a Korea based lens shop.

Lens Info 

Brand: NEW BIO

Diameter: 14.0mm

Graphic Diameter: 13.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Disposable: 1 year

Very comfortable to wear and if you have natural dark eyes then this is just the lens for you. 
As you can see, it is not huge so looks very natural and extremely photogenic.

You can find this lens here  
Have a great week ahead.
Love, Shabana.