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Today I will share with you my shopping experience with American Swan.

AMERICAN SWAN is an International American Fashion and Lifestyle brand with distinctive range of Men's and Women's apparel, accessories and footwear inspired by sexy chic urban Americana lifestyle. The styling is distinctly modern and voguish, with an emphasis on design, quality, innovation and affordability.

SHIPPING: I received the item within the estimated date. The packing was lovely. And their customer service will surely make you feel good.
I love the Tshirt I got from American Swan, its very comfortable and casual.
I am wearing it with shorts, stockings and a lovely pair of red platform heels (which I will show you guys on a later post) .

I love the fact that American Swan has so much to offer and they keep updating their collection so you will always find something new to keep your wardrobe updated.
Perfect for the typical street style look and perhaps the reason why you can frequently spot people wearing this brand. My personal favourites are their T's and jumpsuits. They also have an adorable accessories section.
Be sure to check them out.
Love, Shabana
First day of work is an important event in life. Not only are your new colleagues going to unapologetically judge you from head to toe, it also sets your work-fashion statement for the entire world to see on your instagram. 
Dressing for your first day of work might take a little to a lot of thought and for you to make the choice on how you wish to portray your personality to your new colleagues. 
That being said, here are some outfit ideas and styling tips based strictly on formal wear for the first day of work.

Apart from the go to colours for formal wear which are white, beige, black and grey; shades of pastel like pastel purple and pastel blue are great for a sublime look.

This is probably the most difficult decision you would need to make unless your company has a dressing policy preferring skirt or pant over the other. Some factors to consider is which one suits your body better and which you are more comfortable in.

If you are wearing a formal skirt which is a little above the knee or so, you can choose to wear a pantyhose. Although make sure it is not the one you would wear to a club.

Other than solid neutral coloured shirts, you can choose to go appreciably bold or sweet depending on your personality. After all, a little polka dot never hurt anybody.

Unless you need to carry laptop to your work, opt for something like this:

They look stylish and basic yet you can fit in almost anything that you might need like documents, a make-up pouch, stationery pouch, wallet, portable charger, tissues, travel size perfume etc.

Shoes are probably the one section where you will find a wide variety to choose from.
The basic black stilettos to ankle length boots- whichever will complement the rest of your outfit and give a stylish edge to your look is preferable.

In case of accessorizing, keep it simple with a branded belt, watch and earrings. Keep your nails manicured.

Don't wear something you don't feel comfortable in and devote a little time for your personal hygiene. Remember, if you dress good, you feel good and confident. And people can instantly feel your positive vibes which is great. Don't be transparently judgemental of the new people you are going to encounter. Make a good first impression and let the rest grow with time. Hope you have a great experience and always stay positive!
Today I will share with you 6 ways to wear the wardrobe staple- the white shirt that will keep you comfortable yet stylish this summer.
Summer is here already and with the sun’s rage all over the place, it’s essential to pick the right fabric that helps you keep cool throughout the day. As we all know, Cotton as well as Linen Special -Shirts/Trousers are great for summer!
A classic white shirt goes everywhere and with everything! Let’s check out some fashionable ways to wear it this Spring-Summer 2015

1. With Formal skirt
Formal skirts are best in terms of flaunting figure. I am a huge lover of formal skirts myself. A typical formal skirt would be from the waistline and up to or half inch above the knee.

They are great for office, interviews and honestly about anywhere you wish to give a formal yet sexy vibe.

2. Lace Trend
Lace trend is still going strong and the white shirt tucked into a lace skirt with a belt or lace shorts with the classic button-down looks chic and feminine. Definitely a must-try look for a date or morning hang-out.

White shirt blue jeans- the timeless look. A casual yet stylish way to dress to almost anywhere and the freedom to ensemble the look with flats or pumps without looking off trend.

Yet another great way to style the white shirt is with shorts. The same look can be made unique with the simple trick of accessorizing! However, keeping it simple often wins the game. Sometimes, less is more!

Floral print is here to stay and this trend is going everstrong this SS2015. Look how flawlessly The Legally Blonde star flaunts her street style with a simple white shirt and floral skirt.

To end this post with a beautiful coordination of shirt with white tulle skirt. It’s flirty, feminine yet something most people would think twice before trying out this adorable look! 
So do you think you can pull it off?
I think the trick to this look is the Hair and Makeup

Which look do you like the best? 

Hi lovely readers!
Today I have some very exciting news to share with you all! Finally after years of blogging and basically just sharing my personal thoughts, style and inspirations with you all, I have launched my very own custom domain for this blog which is now www.beautifultarget.com
As you all know Beautiful Target has always been the name of this blog and now it’s also the custom domain! Yay!
I feel like in the past few years, so many things have changed around me and about me yet somehow I am the very same person and it’s so exciting to be exploring new things in life. I hope you have an amazing weekend and stay tuned as I am working on some posts which I will soon share with you guys!

Thank you all so much!


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Hi lovely readers! Today I have some very exciting news to share with you all! Finally after years of blogging and basically just sh...
The heart is something you can't control. You can either choose to follow it or take the risk of living with regrets because no matter how much money or success you have, time is something you can't turn back.
To do something you wish you should've done and to not do something you don't wish to be doing.
But the “right” thing to be doing is so much more complicated than understanding a philosophy. Instead of getting enlightened by such philosophy, we are often captivated by them.
And the question remains…”The right and the wrong”
Whoever decides all that is right and all that is wrong?
If you are not harming someone in any way then take your own decisions and make those mistakes you wish to be making. Instead of playing a role in someone else’s movie, be the lead of your own movie!
Today, I want to share with you the story of a person who I hold to be truly inspiring. A fellow peer who took the "risk" of becoming a self-taught designer in a country that holds degrees and family contacts more dear than mere talent.
But I'm happy to see his business doing well because needless to say, the world is full of possibilities. Even though choosing a not so mainstream outlook on career choice doesn't obviously work out for most of the people. But when it does, it's awfully inspiring.
Without the financial support of opting for a 4 year degree course, he chose the path of his heart instead.
People often overlook the hard work a person puts into for being able to be where they are.
Instead they are ridiculed and criticized for every little failure they faced.
But he saw his future in mere logic, the hard-work he would have to put in and the outcomes of them.
The hard-work to clear an entrance, the hard-work throughout the 4 years of college education, the hard-work of being able to clear the placement exam and interview and on top of that, if all of the above hard-work pays off, he would be able to land a sweet 9 - 5 job with an education loan to pay given he is not from a well-to-do family. 
So he took his chances. And I believe he took it well. He has saved up part of his income and applied for scholarships as he is trying to get into a national institute of fashion by this fall.
It’s a tough world out there and some people are not cut out for certain work.
If your heart is not into the work you have committed to, how can you ever excel at it?
But his life is not all about glamorous fashion shoots and styling, he faces his own challenges.
And that is precisely what a typical work-life seems to be, facing challenges and excelling through them. The only difference is, if you somehow love what you do and have the skills for it, your success is inevitable. After all that is what education is for, to help us master our skills and face the professional workspace.

A simple decision can change your life or someone else's for the better. So follow your heart and watch the magic happen.

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image source: addicted2success.com

Hi beautiful people! Hope you're living a lovely life!
I received this beautiful package from Sunsilk quite sometime ago and I absolutely loved the packaging. It's super adorable!
So I've used the products thoroughly until they ran out and here's my review of Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner.                      

I love my hair and I am always in search of "that magical product" if you know what I mean. So unlike many I am not hesitant to try out new hair products and I was more than excited to try out the Natural Recharge line of Sunsilk.

Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo
Product description: Nourishes hair from roots to tips for thicker hair, fuller and 5 times stronger. Infused with Ginseng root oil, this shampoo recharges the natural vitality of your hair and enhances volume.

Sunsilk Natural Recharge Conditioner
Product description:This conditioner recharges the natural vitality of your hair, Nourishes and strengthens from roots to tips, Revitalizes and enhances volume to make hair full of life.
My experience: The shampoo doesn't lather much so you have to mix it with water and then wash your hair. The texture of the shampoo is mid-way between very thick and average. I like that the shampoo has a mild smell and goes away soon after wash. I really don't like shampoos that makes my hair smell more like shampoo itself. 
The conditioner has a smooth creamy texture and it doesn't make the hair look flat. Adds softness and smoothness to hair and is effective when hair is washed thoroughly.
I feel like it cleans hair well and makes it soft and appear fuller. Not out of the ordinary shine but hair felt good to touch. Withstanding the Kolkata humidity is really a challenge on any shampoo whatsoever and I think the Sunsilk Natural Recharge did well. Overall, I would say it makes your hair "feel" better and my scalp could breathe. Again, I have oily scalp so if you have dry scalp I would recommend you to try the sachet first or the small bottles available at cheaper price for smaller quantity of the product.
Bonus: The Natural Recharge line of Sunsilk contains ginseng root extracts, which claim to boost hair growth and reduce hair fall. The people who are not too fond of Sunsilk brand cite their chemical content as the reason so I think they will feel more at ease using the "Natural Recharge" range of Sunsilk.
Price: Rs 219 for 340ml ; Rs 144 for 180ml; Rs 64 for 80ml

My rating: 3/ 5
Hope this helped. 
Love, Shabana
“You cannot buy happiness. But you can buy shoes and that’s kind of the same thing!”
I’m a firm believer of this quote. After all it never fails to withstand the test of time. Much like a relationship, when you meet the right shoes you just know it in your heart that it’s meant to be.
And if you follow that instinct well, soon your shoe closet will appear to be a collection of soul-mates.
Sadly enough, people often seem to underestimate the statement a simple pair of shoes can make.
Some people wear their heart on their sleeves, some have expressive eyes, while some wear their attitude on their feet.
Starting from comfort, bossy, i-run-the-world to i-am-tired-and-couldn't-care-less kind of attitude; we can all know them just by a simple glance at the person's shoes. And since this is not a hidden fact, you can manipulate the way people see you by choosing the pair of shoes to wear on a date, business meeting or a school reunion party. From sandals, ballerinas, boots to stilettos - every shoe has its own charm and attitude.

I, for one have always treasured this love in my life. The first pair of shoes that I remember to have loved like never before would be a brown pair of platforms I owned in 2nd grade. I have always been fond of heels but this one had a different psychological awesomeness to it and not just a few inches of height.
“I want a ridiculously extravagant pair of shoes, I find a way to buy them.”- SJP, Sex and the City.
After all, Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can indeed change your life! 
I'd like to end this post with my all-time favourite shoes anthem (lol) by Nancy Sinatra 
                   "These boots are made for walking
                    And that's just what they'll do.
                    One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you."

Stay positive and wear them shoes that makes you feel that way.