Hi guys! Welcome to the "When in Kolkata" segment and today I will introduce to you some of the best budget hotels in Kolkata.

Kolkata is much more than just another metro city in India. She is known as the city of joy, city of Rabindranath, city of Satyajit Ray, city of intellectuals, city of football, city of procession, city of political movements, city of arts and culture (cultural capital of India), city of festivals and the city of best sweets and cuisine.

But finding a hotel that is safe, clean, in a good location and is also well equipped can turn out to be quite difficult specially when under a budget. So here is a list of hotels you should consider based on your preference.


Several attractions, such as Victoria Memorial, Aquatica and Fort William are located at a short distance from this hotel. For local tour and travel, guests can seek information from the travel counter of the hotel, which also provides car rental and taxi services.
It also has Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Banquet Facilities and Wifi services.

Capital Guest House

Cheapest hotel in the list and is located near Park Street. They have non AC rooms and needless to say, is truly a budget hotel. Does not provide wifi services to guests.

Tiger Inn
This is a good hotel to rest after getting back from the airport as it is Located at EM BYPASS, otherwise known as the entrance of east Kolkata. It has a Multi Cuisine Restaurant however no wifi services is provided.

Hotel Avenue Club

Located at the most prominent and convenient place beside Central Station of Metro Railway opposite to Calcutta Medical College Hospital. It is very close to Dalhousie, Esplanade and Burrabazar areas. The only hotel in its category to provide 24 hours check-in, attentive room service and full service kitchen. It provides Free high-speed Wi-fi Internet to to all guests. Tasty quality food is its specialty.
Innra Guest House
Located at South Kolkata, they provide excellent services including parking, laundry, wifi, power backup including a multi cuisine restaurant.
From the ancient relics of Victoria Memorial, British architecture, the Esplanade, the Shahid Minar, Maidan, Park Street to the nostalgic roads of South Kolkata, Kolkata is sure to make you fall in love with her. Hope you have a lovely time in my city.
Hello everyone. Its been exactly a week since the devastating earthquake hit Nepal.
Even though we felt the tremors and found ourselves rushing downstairs every now and then, what Nepal faced is beyond words. A home ministry official announced today that the death toll had risen to 6204, with over 13,924 injured. One can't begin to understand what the people have been going through yet there are so many "netizens" who at the comfort of their home feel like its okay to blame the victims somehow for such natural disaster citing religious faith and animal slaughter. It's a shame, really.
About four days ago I got a client email and to my surprise, it wasn't about promotion/collaboration or lets just say "business". Instead she asked me if my family was alright and how she could anyhow help the victims of the unfortunate quake that hit Nepal. It's not everyday that you come across someone who is even willing to spend a moment of their time on something without thinking of "profit" and what to get in return.
But the truth is, in this industry, there are people beyond the PR firms tied to their work, people who are artists at heart and she is one such soul - an artist, designer and an entrepreneur. My parents would do charity and not even let me or my sister know of it yet just teach us how important it is to share and not take everything for granted, not look down upon someone 'coz everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. AND IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR RELIGIOUS FAITH IS, OR IF YOU'RE AN ATHEIST. IF YOU'RE A MEAT LOVER OR A VEGAN BY CHOICE.
Why is a little bit of judgement and "condition"-free kindness so rare when all of us are mortal humans and not more.