Every major online fashion store's having "Homecoming Sale" so I had to check it out and they are absolutely stunning! So, homecoming is focused around the fall fashion and it's obviously crucial to not look like you've time travelled from the past and that, I didn't mean in a good way.
Here are some cheap homecoming dresses under 100 that I found on Cocomelody.

Cocomelody is offering free shipping on homecoming dresses 2015 apart from the already discounted price! The offer lasts till September 2015!

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No two love stories will ever be the same. It's different and that's what makes it so special. You can't mould love and expect it to work out like the society desires- or even how you desire.
And the sooner you accept that your love can be just as true and different, the happier you'll feel in this strangely perfect love of yours.
No two female bodies are the same either and since centuries women struggle to "fit into" typical sizes to get the dress of their choice.
And every bride wishes to look flawless in their wedding dress.
We all know that one very popular quote from "Bride Wars"...
And all this "altering yourself" isn't all that healthy and downright stressful.
Every bride deserves a custom made wedding dress that'll make them look flawless.
The pro in making a custom wedding gown is that you make it to flaunt your body shape and that makes the bride look so much better than when you have to "fit into" a standard dress.
Here are some of the most stunning wedding dresses from yesmybride.net
It is now easier and cheaper to get a custom made wedding dress where you can send in sketches , choose colour, material and also communicate with the designer to explain exactly how you wish your wedding dress to turn out. Isn't that amazing?
There are many things in our life we cannot control- like the traffic on the way to university, the unfortunate crow shit on our dress while on a sweet park date, puking on a crush and the way our haters feel about us. And the list goes on! However, through all this we have the delusion of being in control of few situations that we can somehow work our way through by making smarter decisions.

Yet all these fall apart when it comes to a text you need to reply right away but your network provider is all like "Nope" -_-
This is seriously where someone should draw the line and say we won't tolerate this kind of outrageousness. I mean we pay for our network a good deal of money and in return we ask for simply a smooth internet connection, but clearly our network doesn't seem to feel the same way. Sometimes I even think it has a brain of its own where it just knows when you need good network coverage and make sure you don't get it. This is truly frustrating and I think you guys agree with me on this. With the growing market of 4G supporting cell phones, one would expect a better network yet that is rarely the case since we are still using the 3G package and the 4G packages are oh so expensive! So then I came across this advert by Airtel (watch it here ) and they just launched "Airtel 4G challenge" where they will pay your mobile bills if your network is faster than theirs! I didn't quite get a grip of this marketing strategy and assumed they must be super expensive! But they are actually not. "Get the same data benefits as your 3G pack and enjoy superfast 4G speeds at no extra cost." So, I actually read that correctly! I always assumed Airtel 4G was really expensive and I mean why shouldn't it be? It's 4G. And my network provider has 3G plans that are ultra-expensive so that only made sense that 4G will cost even more. But to my surprise, a visit to their new website http://www.airtel.in/4g/index clarified that the cost of Airtel 4G is the same as 3G package! I can't wait to finally try on 4G network! And even if I find myself not satisfied with it, Airtel will pay my mobile bills!

It's a win-win right! All you need to avail this is a 4G device, 4G sim card that will be home delivered and a 3G data pack! I have already requested a SIM on their website! So, are you guys happy with your network speed? Are you ready for the airtel 4G challenge?
You know, those calm chaotic nights when you look around and your pets aren't there and it just breaks your heart.
And the chain of broken hearts continue...
It's been over 4 years that my pet turtles passed away but I still miss them 
Though I haven't found it in my heart to replace them, I think I might not be "ready" to bring new pets into my life.
But everytime I see people being hypocritical about how much they love their pets and then, not even take basic care of them, it really pisses me off.
So, when http://www.headsupfortails.com/ contacted me asking if I would like to shop for my pet, with my utter awkwardness I still checked out their website and it is THE most adorable shopping site I have ever seen!
You can get personalized products, food for your pet dog, grooming products, feeders as well as the most adorable dog clothes online!
They also have a section targeting cat lovers. They also make customized/personalized products for dogs and cats as per their needs and requirements. So whatever you need for your pet, they'll make it for you!
The most exciting thing, must be their "birthday club". Hahaa. 
So if you have a pet dog or cat, you must check it out!

So I've been getting requests to do a plus size feature on my blog for quite some time now. And before we start off, I would like to clarify a few things.
Shopping can be really frustrating if your body measurements and shape is not the typical average one as most stores only sell dresses targeting the majority average body sizes. So the XS and the plus size women face the same frustration in a way and this is when online shopping comes in. There are many dedicated sections in some websites that has not forgotten the needs of women and today I will introduce you guys to tbdress that offer cheap plus size wedding gowns.
To quote from their website "Wedding dresses are for every woman. No matter what figure size of the woman, high class and perfectly designed wedding dresses are able to fit all the customers. For many women who need large size of wedding dresses, it might be a little bit difficult to find the appropriate designed wedding dresses. Now don't be worried about this! This page can solve your problem. " And they really do.
Here are some of the most stunning wedding gowns from their collection.

They all look very feminine and beautiful. Lace is one of the top trends this year so the gowns look trendy yet timeless and feminine.
There are also some stunning alternatives if you are looking to buy a wedding gown which is not the typical white.
They also have a mobile version of their website for easy mobile browsing Simply visit http://m.tbdress.com/
Hope this helped if you are looking for plus size wedding dresses!
Which dress do you like the best?
First dates are awesome- you're having one-on-one time with someone with mutual attraction and from the smiles that can't be wiped off the face to the yearning eyes- it can even be magical!
But how to dress on the very first date? Here are some tips and outfit ideas to keep in mind!
This is where the details come in. Where is it he is planning to take you? Dress for the occasion so you don't feel uncomfortable or awkward. Your date might sense this awkwardness and feel its "something he did or said" so, better dress for the place.
Here are some of the standard choices to look feminine and stylish.

Red goes everywhere! It is versatile and hot. You can almost get away with not trying too hard by wearing a red dress to a date. Find it here
The "white-date" - innocent and interested outfit. Find it here

 Black is fabulous and you can never go wrong with black. Find it here

Here is a perfect ensemble for a lunch date.Find it here

Evening out. Find it here

Ice-cream parlour or park date. Find it here

It's a good thing to try and impress your date, however wearing something just to keep him "interested" or portraying to be the kind of woman you think he likes, is definitely not cool.
Judge yourself in a single question "Would I be caught wearing this if it wasn't a date with this particular person?"
If yes, then go for it.

If you're not comfortable wearing heels then don't wear it on the date just because you think he'll like  it. If you think he likes conservatively dressed women, don't wear the most conservative outfit to the date just to impress him. Sooner or later, all these harmless deception will be unveiled and it's better to have someone by your side who accepts you completely just the way you are.
Have fun and make memories neither of you can ever forget!

Find more stylish yet comfortable chiffon dresses here
Vanity Fair's international best dressed list is out and here is our top 15 looks from the list.(in no particular order)

Charlotte Casiraghi
Wearing Gucci 

Misty Copeland
Wearing  Hervé Léger 

Wearing Azzedine Alaïa

Fan Bingbing
Wearing Ralph & Russo

Diane Kruger
Wearing Roland Mouret

Sienna Miller
Wearing Thakoon

Eddie Redmayne
Wearing Hardy Amies suit

Emma Stone
Wearing Thakoon

Charlize Theron
Wearing Barbara Bui Suit and Jimmy Choo Shoes

Jemma Kidd & Arthur Wellesley, Marchioness & Marquess of Douro
Wearing Emilia Wickstead dress and Burberry suit

Caroline Issa
Wearing Prabal Gurung 

H.H. Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned of Qatar
Wearing Valentino

Zac Posen
Wearing a custom suit and overcoat of his own design with a Brooks Brothers tie and a Borsalino hat 

Maxwell Osborne & Dao-Yi Chow
Wearing their own designs 

Victoria Beckham
Wearing her own designs

Which looks are your favourite?