Body shaming has been around for the longest time and yet the approach to judging someone based on their looks has updated through time. It can make someone feel underestimated, objectified and isolated to the point they start to believe their true self is at fault for some crime. The rather strange thing about anti body-shaming campaigns is that you will never see a size zero person in there who felt bullied for their physical appearance.

Truth is skinny shaming is extremely prevalent and people don't realize it as much. In a society where our perceptions are quite distorted by the trends, groupism and bully becomes the ultimate outcome of such projections and anyone can be the victim! Yet skinny shaming is not even treated as a "real problem".

I tried my best to pay my humble tribute to Amy Winehouse, wonderful and talented musician who was also an easy target of skinny-shaming by the media. She has inspired millions around the world not to conform into the look of a certain "good-girl" stereotype just to fit-in.

All kinds of body-shaming is just a horrible thing to do and it is up to our generation to stop objectifying ourselves and each other all the time and just be who we are and who we truly want to be rather than putting ourselves in other people's shoes. That is true freedom.

Thank You Limeroad for the lovely feature and making me a part of the campaign (Read the article here) #LimeRoadBornReal.

You be you!

Fashion month is here and before we indulge in whatever new this Spring/Summer brings us, let us take a moment to appreciate the art of fashion and trends.
The thing about mainstream is that one day you could be caught bullying someone for dressing a distinct way or having a certain style and by the next Spring/Summer you could end up looking like a the one you've had unspeakable hatred for. That's the power of trends.
                                                 Harper’s Bazaar 1941

Do you ever wonder how the future generations will perceive us based on our fashion? If they're smart enough to notice patterns, I think it should blow their minds.
The subtlety and the controversy of it all.

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I hope you guys are enjoying the early spring. It feels like Spring over here. Have a great day x

How is 2016 treating you guys?
For me, it seems to be quite brutal and honest but then again I admire it.
The thing about honesty is whatever you get, it's something real.
This is my 2016's first post and I want you guys to know that I don't really have a good excuse for not being more "out there"
Life likes to play games with me and I like the thrill, so in the meantime I disappear from this wonderful place

Something In The Way

by on February 15, 2016
How is 2016 treating you guys? For me, it seems to be quite brutal and honest but then again I admire it. The thing about honesty is...