First day of work is an important event in life. Not only are your new colleagues going to unapologetically judge you from head to toe, it also sets your work-fashion statement for the entire world to see on your instagram. 
Dressing for your first day of work might take a little to a lot of thought and for you to make the choice on how you wish to portray your personality to your new colleagues. 
That being said, here are some outfit ideas and styling tips based strictly on formal wear for the first day of work.

Apart from the go to colours for formal wear which are white, beige, black and grey; shades of pastel like pastel purple and pastel blue are great for a sublime look.

This is probably the most difficult decision you would need to make unless your company has a dressing policy preferring skirt or pant over the other. Some factors to consider is which one suits your body better and which you are more comfortable in.

If you are wearing a formal skirt which is a little above the knee or so, you can choose to wear a pantyhose. Although make sure it is not the one you would wear to a club.

Other than solid neutral coloured shirts, you can choose to go appreciably bold or sweet depending on your personality. After all, a little polka dot never hurt anybody.

Unless you need to carry laptop to your work, opt for something like this:

They look stylish and basic yet you can fit in almost anything that you might need like documents, a make-up pouch, stationery pouch, wallet, portable charger, tissues, travel size perfume etc.

Shoes are probably the one section where you will find a wide variety to choose from.
The basic black stilettos to ankle length boots- whichever will complement the rest of your outfit and give a stylish edge to your look is preferable.

In case of accessorizing, keep it simple with a branded belt, watch and earrings. Keep your nails manicured.

Don't wear something you don't feel comfortable in and devote a little time for your personal hygiene. Remember, if you dress good, you feel good and confident. And people can instantly feel your positive vibes which is great. Don't be transparently judgemental of the new people you are going to encounter. Make a good first impression and let the rest grow with time. Hope you have a great experience and always stay positive!

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