Hi guys! We were invited to Fankaari Fossils Art Exhibition held in Birla Academy of Art and Culture.
The artist, Rajesh Yadav is presently an art mentor in Udaipur. He is the recipient of the State Award & Best Presentation Award by Rajasthan Lalur Kala Academy Jaipur, The Mohan Sharma Memorial Award, The 7th All India Art Exhibition by Avantika, New Delhi amidst others. 

His recent exhibits were held at the World Fine Art Gallery, New York &The Nehru Centre, London. 
Kolkata, The Literary Capital of India, welcomed Rajesh Kr. Yadav; an artiste from Rajasthan to showcase his paintings & installations. The inauguration was attended by esteemed artist Wasim Kapoor, and Mahesh Saharia, Chairman of the Saharia Group of Industries and an Honorary Consul of the Republic of Indonesia. 

Yadav had been extremely humble and sweet in our meeting and discussion of his art.

He paid a tribute to Kolkata and it's culture and one of the most iconic artist and personality, Rabindranath Tagore.
If you have lived in Kolkata, Rabindranath Tagore is more than just his brilliant contribution to the art and culture, his essence is far more deep rooted in our lives.

 This center piece depicting "freedom" or as I felt, the lack of it. When you look up-close, you see more than a silhouette of a great personality who lives even today in the hearts of millions. But how many acknowledges the angst, societal conditioning and inner struggle that oozes in his art and poetry?

We had a great time attending the event and we look forward to seeing his work again!

"I BOASTED among men that I had known you. They see your pictures in all works of mine. They come and ask me, 'Who is he?' I know not how to answer them. I say, Indeed, I cannot tell.' They blame me and they go away in scorn. And you sit there smiling.
I put my tales of you into lasting songs. The secret gushes out from my heart. They come and ask me, 'Tell me all your meanings.' I know not how to answer them. I say, 'Ah, who knows what they mean!' They smile and go away in utter scorn. And you sit there smiling."

People love to appreciate art from a safe distance, maybe recite it a million times or look at it, imitate it, but they're scared to know of it or understand it.

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