Pandora's Perfection

Pandora, just starting out in the beautiful world, the first woman in the frame of mortal time didn't have a "How-To guide for dummies".
She let her curiosity get the best of her, the moment she answered `to the voices she'd heard'. The voices of deceit asking for help, and she let it into her mind and taking action based on such sweet deception. She would help, she thought. But she knew not the blessing of her beauty and her music which was said to be almost as beautiful as she was, could be all of her gifts and be content within them. Whether she wished to help the unknown kind or wished to see what she had been gifted, that which was meant not to be pondered on. Like a box it was caged away, the evils gifted upon her, after-all she was the all-gifted.
But whatever would the all-gifted Pandora bring upon the mankind and beyond? She let out the deception to conquer the world. In her moment of curiosity and desire. The desire of wishing goodness upon the unknown as she didn't wish upon evil on any. Yet the gift to the first mortal woman Pandora got the best of her. She let out the evils, to inflict her world. And despair, she knew all too well.
But what is it about hope living in the box of all gifts pertained as evil. Whether hope can coexist with evil or hope is an evil in itself, is still not known. Why hope remained a light when despair ruled her world?
She let the hope out in the universe, just hoping.
In this world where man JUST DOESN'T GET IT no matter how much they try, understanding the synchronicity and concept of time- evil resides within and without yet hope makes it's way into the ruling evil. Whether Pandora learned the ways of mortality, the essence of her own beauty or the burdens of being the all-gifted, the woman transcended through time to be blamed for her curiosity. We shall blame her curiosity for the evils that make the mortal suffer. But we know not if she had embraced the evil within herself in the first place. In this world of utter 3D-ness, did Pandora find superficiality within her gifts to better understand or did she only pass on a legacy to be hated for the evils that others accept within themselves or to be recognized for her beauty and her gifts of being the all-gifted. Did she just remain the beautiful evil?

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