AVG Antivirus for Android - APP REVIEW

With increasing number of smartphone users around the world, malware targeting these devices are also rapidly increasing. Security is often an afterthought, which is why so many users fall victim to malware. However, by taking the right precautions we might be able to protect our device and data.
"The point of nearly all malware is to make money" and having such data available on your phone makes it an easy target.

Today, I am reviewing a popular antivirus app- AVG Antivirus for Android.

First impression: On downloading the app from Play Store, it asks you whether you wish to continue free trail with ads or upgrade to pro version which is ad-free and has additional "pro-features".

The free version of the antivirus have ads but are not to the point of being annoyingIt lets you scan your device for threats and if threats are found the app removes them with permission of the user. You can also use this app to make your phone faster and the best feature is that the app detects unsafe-app installs as well as malicious threats instantly.

The upgraded version of the antivirus is free of ads and has some special features such as App-Locking, Anti-Theft, Backup data etc.
The Anti-Theft Phone Tracker requires the user to visit the Anti-Theft website from another device where the user will be able to locate their phone. You can also remotely lock your phone and blast and alarm at full volume. You can also wipe off your data if you think you'd rather protect your data from exploitation or use after phone theft. 

Another cool feature of the pro-version of the app is called Camera Trap which will take a secret selfie if someone fail to unlock your device after 3 attempts, given this feature is activated by the user in the first place. AVG then send that photo to registered email of the user along with time and location details.

So which cell phone antivirus app do you rely on?

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